People follow the fashion adopted by the athletes in the Olympics. One of the surprising trend is the dual color hair. Yes, she was Shelly- Ann Fraser-Pryce. She had painted her entire hair green in color. Only the front portion just above the forehead is yellow. But, there is a doubt whether the hair is her own or a wig. People watching Rio Olympic followed this trend.

Another spectacular trend of man athlete in Rio Olympic is having a bun at the top of the hair. One of the gymnast from Britain named as Louis Smith has adopted this bun style. The youngsters watching this gymnast gold inspired. Even in small villages and towns this hair trend was followed. More Olympic fashion updates is present in the website. You can also find some fascinating facts on deschloroketamine.

You must be aware of latest Olympic logo. It is quite easy to see in the television screen when the matches and competitions are taking place. But, one of the gold medalist of the Olympics has imprinted the logo in his hand. Yes, it can be termed as tattoo. It is not a temporary. Rather the permanent ink was used to create this tattoo. This logo has inner meaning. Since several circles are joined together, it means all the continents have joined their hands under the banner of athletic prowess, unity and friendship.

Baby oil trend is another important fashion seen in the last Rio Olympic schedule. One of the athlete getting ready for the long jump has put the baby oil entirely in his body. It is totally a shiny appearance over his body.  Later the people of the nation has adopted this trend. Normally people does it before taking a shower. But today due to the Olympic trend, the youngsters put it all over their body before they go for physical exercise. This has become a habit to many people.

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